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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm kerry mcsweeney. a gun battle at a mcdonalds this afternoon left several people wounded. police still at the mcdonald's in east palo alto on university avenue. about 2:30, a group of people outside the restaurant got into a gun fight with customers inside. a spokesman says it appears six people were shot. we do not know the condition of any of the victims. police hope to have more information soon and we'll get it to you as soon as it comes in. now to a developing story. five women are dead, including a bride to be after a limousine they were riding in somehow caught fire on the san mateo bridge last night. four other women are recovering in the hospital from burns and
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smoke inhalation. we have team coverage of the latest information including the identity of the bride to be. kimberly terry has information from the coroner, as well. >> diane, the chp says that fire started in the back of the limo and quickly spread from there. the family of one of the victims told us that the group was headed to a bridal shower at the time. according to the san mateo county coroner, the nine women inside noticed smoke and got the driver's attention. he was able to pull over on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge and saw the back passenger side was engulfed in flames. at that point, the women in their 30s and 40s were clamoring to get out. it was a graphic scene. these photos were sent in from a viewer driving past the limo while it was on fire and he says he saw the women able to escape sitting on the side of the bridge. five women died, four others were taken to local hospitals for smoke inhalation and burns. the driver was not hurt.
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>> if this has to be one of the worst fatalities that i witnessed in the years i've been with the office. just that the sheer realization these people were trying to escape from inside vehicle and were trying to get out a small passenger window and seeing the positions that they were in and they were not able to do that. and they were most likely overcome by smoke. >> reporter: among those dead is the bride, her family has identified her as nariza fohoz, a registered nurse and was to be married june 19th in the philippines. whites say the white lincoln town car did not appear to get into an accident before catching fire. tpit is unclear what sparked the flames, but this is something chp says it is looking into and plan to have a press conference
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tomorrow and release more information then. live in redwood city, kimberly terry. >> thank you. as we just heard, the wrim were celebrating theup kopg of a woman from fresno. cheryl hurd spoke to a relative of the bride. impossible to imagine how her family is handling all this. >> this is a slew emotional story. i'm told all of the women who were inside that limo worked here at one time or another at the fruit valley he health center in oakland. i spoke with one of the residents and he said he cried himself to sleep last night. he tells me many hearst are breaking inside of this care home facility. he says all of the women who worked here now are very nicen an caring women. one of the victims who died in the limo fire is narisa fohoz, the one the friends were celebrating. we got permission to use this picture off of her sister's facebook page. her sister lives in hawaii and
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says fohos was planning to have a second ceremony in june in the philippines. i spoke with another relative today. >> she's really a nice person and caring especially to all her nieces. and she's a sweet person. loving and caring. >> two other victims are recovering at the hospital. here are pictures from their facebook pages, jasmine desguia and mary gee uardiano. they are both in critical condition and will recover. back here live, we are told that fohos worked at a hospital in fresno but worked here for a couple of years. this story is still unfolding. we'll have more information coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> firefighters in san jose are mopping up a vegetation fire.
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the fire grew toe about three acres near mine hill trail which is at the north end of the park. firefighters from cal fire were called in to help the city firefighters. the cooler temperatures also cooperated compared to yesterday's red flag warnings. although it was windy today, too. no one was hurt and no damage reported. >> a family is looking for a new place to live this evening after a fire destroyed their home in san ramon yesterday. the fire started at a home on lexington place yesterday afternoon. julia hall was returning home when he she saw the flames and black smoke coming from the direction of her home. >> i thought it looked like it was pretty close to our house. and so when i got down here to the corner, my husband and all my neighbors were out there, and i rolled down my window and i asked, is it our house? and he said yes. >> witnesses say they heard multiple explosions, and it took two firefighters to control the fire. the hall home was destroyed and
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a part of their neighbor's home was damaged, as well. investigators are still trying to determine what started that fire. >> a water rescue currently under way at a south bay reservoir where divers are looking for a missing boater. the search is going on at lechington reservoir near los gatos. four people were in a canoe that capsized. two made it to shore, a third was taken away in an ambulance. divers are still in the water looking for that fourth person. >> israel launched another air strike into syria overnight. that is increasing pressure on the united states to act. president obama said two days ago that he did not see a scenario at this point where he would send in u.s. troops. but as nbc bay area's brian mooar reports, there isn't a lot of consensus about how that could change. >> at the white house, demonstrators pleaded with president obama to end the blood shed in syria. >> stop the killing, stop the hate. >> reporter: the stakes rose early sunday with reports israel had hit syria with the second
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round of air strikes in three days. hours before in an interview with telemundo's lauri montenegro, president obama backed israel's right to defend itself. >> the israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of the advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> but the president's critics ask why he hasn't taken firmer action to stop the syrian threat. >> the president of the united states there was clear red lines in the view of most that have been crossed. >> we are moving closer towards arming the reform-minded pro-western rebels, something that should have been done many months ago. >> and in washington, leaders in and out of uniform are asking not only how to help but whom to help. >> our problem in who to supply is that some of these groups are -- al qaeda and others. >> my concern is we could be strengthening al qaeda. >> from syria to washington,
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lingering threats that hit uncomfortably close to home. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> anti-u.s. rhetoric dominate aid rally today in pakistan. thousands of supporters of an anti-american political party gathered in karachi. one speaker said "the war on terror is the name of the american war against the islamic world." the rally came six days before the country's general election. the taliban has claimed responsibility for several deadly attacks recently against some of pakistan's political parties. coming up next at 5:00, the rolling stone have arrived in the bay area. we'll tell you about the local singers ing on stage with the stone. maybe you can always get what you want. >> also the warriors released a new version of what they hope will be their future home in san francisco. we'll show you coming up. >> live in san jose, the sink cinco de mayo festivities. how is it going? we'll tell you on the other side. >> san jose and parts of the
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south bay still dealing with very gusty winds. winds up to 20 miles per hour at the airport in san jose. advisory up for parts of the south bay and south coast tonight and later tonight, an increasing chance of showers and even thundershowers we'll have a look at that when we come right back.
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well, thousands of people are flocking to downtown san jose right now. >> time to enjoy the pre-game activities of the san jose sharks playoff game. others to celebrate cinco de mayo. damian trujillo is down there right now. what's going on? >> you're always invited. pretty quiet so far. the commander of the downtown area in the san jose police department tells me this is the quietest cinco de mayo weekend he has seen in 23 years. san jose police assigned officers to do foot patrols through downtown. they say visibility is key in keeping crime down, but if things go awry, wris police say they are ready to respond. they'll close streets and divert traffic and pedestrians in it gets out of hand. so far this weekend, police have not had to go to those extremes. tonights sharks fans are
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commingling with the cinco de mayo revelers. if you're downtown, you will see a san jose police officer. >> visibility is everything. they see the police presence, we help facilitate the movement of people. we help manage the crowd along. we show people that we're here to provide a service to the community. it makes things so much more peaceful. >> reporter: yeah, do you have people blaring their radios and driving with big flags. police say they will be somewhat tolerant but any minor traffic violations will be taken seriously. officers will not, will, he had the people celebrate as long as it is within the law. so far we've seen kind of a family atmosphere, if you will, out here in downtown san jose. there is a big festival south of here over at the county fairgrounds. they're expecting some overflow crowd from there to kind of mingle, wander over here to downtown san jose. i'll tell you what, terry and diane. there is something scary i saw
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here. a couple of canucks fans. what are they thinking? >> they're crazy. we just saw sharks fans walking by as you were talking >> they're going to look for the canucks fans. >> thanks, damien. >> they're outnumbered but they're brave folks. >> thank you. still to come at 5:00, the warriors start their round 2 series in the playoffs tomorrow night. but today they were making headlines on the business side of things. >> and the stones will have some bay flavor alongside when they take the stage tonight in oakland. ♪ t was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet.
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rethink possible.
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trucks from all over the state pulled into the bay area today to provide a blast from the past all for a good cause. today was the all-american truck show in redwood city. more than 100 very fancy trucks of all makes and models were on display. money raised will benefit about the sequoia high school in redwood city. >> that's all their money. they can use it as they want to. there's no red tape. principal has the purse strings. if somebody needs a gym suit or they need pencils for a class or whatever, it's theirs. >> this was the 13th year the event was held. they expect to raise between $7500 and $9,000 from today's show. >> meteorologist rob mayeda here. >> looks like pretty good weather for the car show. >> yes. >> and more good stuff on the way maybe? >> good stuff if you like cooler temperatures an spring showers.
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today, big drop in temperatures. a windy day especially around the south bay. numbers right now, 60s and low 70s compared to this time yesterday. yes, we're more than 20 degrees cooler in concord and novato. mid 60s up toward santa rosa. the window is the story. most of the bay area seeing south winds 15 to 30 miles an hour. this helped to bring in more moisture, it feels a little muggy outside throughout much of the day today. that's good news where fire danger concerned. winds coming in onshore. too much wind giving us a wind advisory for parts of san jose mainly off to the south out toward los gatos and down the san mateo county coastline. some wind gusts in parts of the south bay could still get up to close to 45 miles per hour. most of the moisture has moved onto txe north, but the system responsible hasn't gone anywhere sitting right here off to the
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west around our area of low pressure. this is going to continue to keep the winds going tonight and toss a few more hours our way. as this low traction closer to the coast going into tomorrow and tuesday, we're going to get the combination of some cooler air aloft, daytime heating and more moisture coming in. so we will see more showers tomorrow afternoon than we saw today and potentially even some that yours too especially around the parts of the south bay and east bay hills, thing to watch for during the afternoon. tonight, seeing a few of those showers getting into tomorrow morning and right around midday when the atmosphere starts to warm up from sunny breaks, especially around san jose and fremont, that yours tomorrow afternoon. then things start to turn a bit drier. once into tuesday and wednesday, the moisture moves off to the east. the second half of the forecast we'll see temperatures coming up. highest totals look to be highest to the tri-valley and parts of the south bay. morning temperatures will again be pretty mild.
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upper 50s to start the day. high temperatures right in line of what we saw this afternoon. low 70s around san jose and into the tri-valley. 60s back towards oakland and san francisco and maybe close to 70 tomorrow in santa rosa. so the upper low impacting us for the next two to almost three days. showers leaving on wednesday. second half of the forecast looks warmer and drier. a pleasant start by the time we get to the next weekend, we'll see is the temperatures climbing up into the 60s and 70s as we get into next weekend and maybe some 80s by next saturday. back over to you. >> rob, thanks very much. we are getting our first look tonight at the updated plans for the new warriors arena in san francisco. this is what it's going to look like, at least what's what the new version says. dine sers are calling it a one of a kind nba venue that will include retail shops, berths for cruise ships and public access spaces. a window will avow fans to view
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the bay bridge from our seats. there would be a public viewing area where fans can watch the warriors during practice and games. >> by creating more meaningful waterfront design and the addition of a new pearl along the waterfront face of the city, we hope that people will be more encouraged to see this as an integrated part of san francisco and not just a separate district. >> the reason will be on peers 30 through 32. the warriors are hoping to play basketball in san francisco in 2017. opponents say it's going to bring too much traffic to the area. >> and blocking views along the way. >> they lowered a bit. >> the 12 stories tall now. let's check in with ahmed with a look at the world of sports. >> hello. yeah, the arena looks pretty good. the one in oakland rocking pretty well. robert guerrero with a message to the bay area fans.
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details head. first, the sharks back home in san jose looking to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. we're live next from hp pavilion next in sports.
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ahmed faried from the xfinity sportsdesk. so far the playoffs couldn't be going any better for the sharks. two games both in vancouver and both san jose wins. now they get to come back home. brodie brazil in san jose. the team is copping home under the best circumstance possible. >> yeah, ahmed. nine years straight the sharks have been in the postseason and there's always something special about the playoff opener here at hp pavilion.
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even more so maybe because the sharks are up 2-0 in this series. they realize, the fans do, that the players can put this thing away or the series out of reach tonight going up 3-0, but the players also realize they don't want to get too overamped in feeding off this crowd. >> you want to win every game. we win tonight, you put a strangle hold on the series. you lose and they're back in it. every game is important. >> we can talk about their desperation level all we want. we're up to nothing. it only means something if we compete and play hard right off the bat here. so our desperation has to be up there. this isn't a series that's a runaway by any means. it's a shot, it's a bounce, it's a post and it can be reversed the other way. it's that even. i don't know where it's going to end. what the final results will be. but i think you could probably put elaine and i up here when it's all said and done we would tell you that.
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the two teams are that even. >> now the sharks beat the canucks all three times they played in the regular season. vancouver had cory schneider for all three of those games. so far it's been roberto luongo. however, that will change tonight. alain vigneault says he is going with cory schneider once again. we'll see if it makes a difference or sparks vancouver tonight in this game. brodie brazil, nbc bay area sports. >> brodie looking forward to it. robert guerrero may have lost to floyd moneymaker mayweather in 30-year-old to call it a career. we caught up with the gilroy native after the fight in this exclusive interview. >> i be back, man. still five more fights. i'm going to get back into that position. we'll do it again. floyd goes, knows, we might run into each other again.
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we've dealt with adversity before. this ain't nothing. it's just a scratch on the surface. we'll be back. >> oh, rematch. a's, yankees. espy das, his mom got to see the game. a two-run home run from her boy, his fifth of the season. mom happy. it's go to the eighth. josh donaldson getting in on the home run party. his first home run since april 12th and in the bottom of the ninth, the a's clinging to the one run lead. grant bal for getting wells. a's win 5-4. giants just under way up 1-0, that game in the second inning. >> look forward to more at 6:00. >> and we'll be right back.
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so for many seeing a music legend in concert can be a once in a lifetime event. >> now imagine performing with that legendary band. for some singers from san jose state, it is happening tonight with the rolling stone. >> that is so incredible. >> this is video of the stone kicking off their tour in los angeles friday night. tonight there's in oakland with the san jose state choir as their backup singers for one song. they will perform you can't always get what you want with mick and the boys. the stone were looking for a choir to back them up on the north american tour and picks the chorairs for their date. they perform again in san jose on wednesday. san jose state singers in san jose. >> i heard they just found out last week. the i choir director said guess what. i wonder what. we get to perform with the rolling stone. i can't even imagine what that moment was like for those kids. >> if they're really young, they might say which band is that?
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>> i'm guessing not. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area "news at 5":00. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news at 6:00. night air strikes the escalating crisis in syria as israel launches another attack creating a wider conflict and greater challenge for president obama and the united states. wedding tragedy. five women are killed including a bride to be when their limo burst in to flames. tonight the surge for what went so terribly wrong. crossing the line. some advertisers want your money so badly it seems they will do just about anything to get your attention. how far is too far? and super dogs. after the boston bombings, a look at some new recruits in the fight against terrorism. dogs trained in blending in to crowds and sniff out explosives. ♪